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S t a y

Eat away at my heart;
I'll stay;
If it's what you want, what can I say?
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0
S a f e
In my dark, I know my place,
& Though the moon never shows,
& Flowers never grow,
At least I can keep my heart safe
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 1 0
C o l d
My chipped heart
Chirps in my chest
Like eating ice
I dine regret -
If I die inside,
It's for the best;
Selfish, my only wish
Is for Winter to be
The coldest yet
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0
S i l e n c e

Sometimes, the silence is sweet, like the threaded bones of the quiet, quiet trees, dancing outside your windows,
or the sea lapping at the far horizon;  But other times, it is a red-bellied tic, sucking away at your every second;
A pin pushed deep into your chest in a way that.. Cannot quite be grasped enough emotionally to describe, and before you have time to struggle, the tic has filled itself on you and left you gasping.
Be wary, reader, be wary of the silence that soaks you, for there is never a warning, and the years become sutures.
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 3 0
Dragons CAN Be Beaten by Clairie-Chan Dragons CAN Be Beaten :iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0
A l l
The problem is that
if you give free will to one star in all the cosmos,
you've got to give it to them all.

:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 4 2
N o w

" Back then, she was this.. This ultimate template, this ghost with her boot on my neck,
But if you asked me now... I'd say, if ever she was my ghost, it was from walking through the minefield first, and if she had her boot to my neck, it was to stop me from stepping where she had stepped."
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 4 0
F i n.
"When I grow up, I want to be yours,"
She said, and then she died young.
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 1 0
B u r n

Dead lace and tired shirts,
bruised waist and wasted words,
You'll find me beneath red sheets,
Praying through the phone cords,
Bloodied lips and broken bones,
Fingertips set sweet to moans,
Ground out teeth, I never learn,
For I'm a candle, set to burn.
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0
S e a m s
Sweet ashes, sweet dreams,
Needle set on swollen seams,
Stitch me up, I'm good to mend,
So I can fall in love again,
Beautiful sky, this broken home,
Sweet light to see where I've been sewn,
Over my mouth and through my eyes,
I guess it's right, cause love is blind.
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0
M a c h i n e

Just a couple lies from behind a screen,
Just a little ghost in a big machine,
You turn around,
I fall back down,
It doesn't mean a thing.
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 2 0

Sink into my chest now
Just hide your heart in mine
You are a preciouse flower
Trying not to die
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 4 0
g h o s t
⸢ She is less aggressive from being oppressed
Led down to darkness, Chained and undressed
Oh but she is strong, much stronger than most
She's nothing to lose, cause' you've made her a ghost  ⸥
:iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 6 0
Pixel Flandre by Clairie-Chan Pixel Flandre :iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 5 0 Kittywitch by Clairie-Chan Kittywitch :iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 4 0 Jiangshi by Clairie-Chan Jiangshi :iconclairie-chan:Clairie-Chan 3 0
I don't post much. But I guess If you're interested...



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm ClairieChan, I'm a lethargic nerd
that loves drinking and reading scary stories.
I'm 23 and a Libra and will draw boobs all day if allowed to.
I'm also an introvert, but I'm not shy about talking, so say hi sometime,
maybe we can do an art trade or something.


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